There are a number of ways to put powered paragliding in a good light. These can do a lot to counter the bad press that is, unfortunately, what the media tends to focus on. Here are some suggestions of things you can do although some may not be likely depending on where you live. Thanks to Ed Poccia for pointing this out. If you have other ways that you have been successful at putting PPG in a positive light, we would love to hear them! Send your story or idea to contact.

Offer organizations the opportunity to have you or your group fly at local events. Of course you must be able to remain clear of gathered people or congested areas but, in many cases, that’s easy. For example:

  • Albuquerque’s Bob Morin had their group fly at the opening of golf tournaments in Grants, NM to provide a bit of spectacle during the opening ceremonies.

  • Bob Peters of Colorado has had PPGs participate in a Balloon Rally used as a charity fund raiser.

  • The city of Socorro, NM welcomes PPGs as part of their holiday celebration.

  • Organize a Charity Fly-In where all or part of the proceeds go to benefit the charity. Get pilots to sign up contributors who donate some amount per minute flown.

Each of these efforts will give PPGs a positive image and offset, to some degree, the bad taste left by those who don’t give a hoot.

Thanks to Ed Poccia for suggestions in this material