We enjoy immense freedom in the U.S. No certification is required and we can fly just about anywhere. Most other countries either don’t have laws about paramotor or are far more restrictive. Traveling imposes the need to know their rules.

No Law for Paramotor?

Many countries don’t have any specific rules addressing paramotors which means it likely falls under their existing aircraft rules: uncertified paramotor probably don’t qualify. It’s probably considered an aircraft that must be certified, have a registration number, and be flown by appropriately certified pilots. But given that there is no certification program for paramotors, doing so is impossible. Mexico, for example, is like this.

In such countries, PPG may be tolerated if the pilot doesn’t cause problems. Mexico, Russia, Iran and many other smaller or less developed countries are like this.

List of Status by Country

Here’s a list of some countries. Aviation rules/law by country. In many countries, foot launched craft are largely unregulated while wheeled PPG’s fall under more stringent rules.

Check your destination country’s rules before flying!

Country PPG Falls Under Pilot & Craft Certification

as of 12/26/2009

FAA Part 103, (Federal Aviation Regulation)

considered an ultralight

No pilot license required

No Paramotor certification or registration required


as of 12/26/2009

CAA (Canadian Aviation Regulation)

considered a basic ultra-light aeroplane

Pilot requires license required

Paramotor registration required


as of 12/26/2009

Not specifically addressed

Exceptions allowed through Aeroclubs

Pilot requires club membership

No Paramotor certification or registration required


as of 08/27/2016

JAR (Joint Aviation Authorities)

considered a microlight but each country has its own rules.

Pilot requires license in most countries.
Medical Certification required in at least one country.

Paramotor requires registration in most countries for both wheel and foot launch units.


as of 08/27/2016

JAR (Joint Aviation Authorities)

National rules prohibit paramotor

National Rules Prohibit Paramotor Flying

Electric paramotor may be allowed.

United Kingdom   Pilot requires ultralight license for wheels but not foot launch.

Paramotor may require registration if on wheels.

Mexico Not specifically addressed Technically may be illegal
Russia Not specifically addressed Technically may be illegal