Someone commented on the little list of sayings and, when I took another look, this image came to mind so I went about putting something together. Yes, of course I should be doing something else, namely finishing up marketing materials for the next PPG Bible edition.

There is much drudgery in learning new things but also many rewarding moments. Flying has provided many of them, but so too has creating training content. Learning the tools is nothing short of arduous. The best example is animation where it felt like locked myself in the office for 30 days of watching tutorials, trying my own stuff, getting extremely frustrated, and making breakthroughs that enlightened cool new capabilities.

Animation was originally intended for the book. I’m not an artist, I reasoned, and this would allow me to position a pilot, paramotor, and flight path wherever I wanted. But it wasn’t to be. At that point in the books progress I couldn’t justify slowing things down that much. It wouldn’t be until the video series where I bit the bullet and spent that 30 days. Wow. Did that turn out to be helpful.