The Enterprise started out in Phoenix this year and toured both big western fly-ins before heading back towards Chicago and with a romp at Bubba Peters 9000 foot high launch site. 

“Bubba” the Bonanza wintered in Phoenix and saw some action flying around the area. That’s another cool way to see the world from above—You sure can see a lot of it quickly!

The plan is, when fall comes, head southeast through Nashville then on to points east and south, eventually towards Florida.

A likely route now includes Nashville, Birmingham, possibly North Carolina, Atlanta, Pensacola, Jacksonville, Orlando then Fort Myers. That’s a lot and frequently my eyes are bigger than my stomach so we’ll see which way the wind blows.


The Enterprise has arrived at its winter home in Florida. With many visits planned, it should be full and flightful schedule. Christmas Florida, home of Mike Britt and Eric Dufour’s new training operation, was the first stop. What a wonderful, welcoming and relaxed place to spend time with friends.

And if the engine in my motorhome breaks, Mike Britt could have me a new one welded up in a few hours.


The Enterprise is home!

This year has proven to be a flightful period. Lots of trips and flying in all kinds of places. Although I’ve improved about needing airtime, it’s still a problem, especially in good weather. It’s tough to stay on the ground and work on life’s little necessities when the leaves aren’t even russling on a warm day. But I do look forward to more balance. Eight years of paramotoring has yet to diminish my desire significantly.


It’s nice to go on a moments notice and have comfortable accommodations while traveling from site to site. This most recent trip came up without notice and was a brief blast. Even local trips turn up new places to fly and even old places to fly turn up new experiences. Each flight brings its own new twist and occasionally an adventure.