The Enterprise started 2011 in Pine Island, FL and served as home while I began the new year with a flight. Paul Czarnecki and I went up for a short, bumpy introduction to the new air. It was feisty air, too.

This year I hope to finish taping for all three of the remaining Master PPG videos.

In March I hope to make it to Sun-N-Fun, then to Eric Dufour’s where I’ll get most of the remaining scenes. If anyone can do it, Eric can. Some of the shots I have yet to get involve landing and standing on a moving vehicle. I’ve done it plenty of times, but I’ve gotta get it clearly on camera now.

In May I’ll be at John Black’s Beach blast followed hopefully by Britton Shaw’s Endless Foot Drag. The Enterprise should be in Illinois by June.

If all goes well, I’ll finish up all three videos by the end of 2011, but there will be no holding of breath. Let,s face it, I’ve missed every self-imposed estimate I’ve ever made on these things and my attitude is, they’ll be done when they’re done. I’m trying to do it right and make sure the content is accurate, and quality is good.

My next and last planned PPG video is actually for all ultralight pilots (not Sport Pilots). It will be about Airspace and the Law. Above the ground and Within The Law. Airspace/Rules for Ultralights. Then I’m done for a while and will hopefully take a break. I’ve got another big project that, if I do it, will be a collaboration with Phil Russman whose storytelling genius would be needed to pull it off. The subject is flying, but not paramotor flying, and the audience is quite different. Hopefully, I’m not burned out on the whole process by then, but that’s what breaks are for.

I’m not sure where we’ll go next fall. We may try going to Texas and leaving it there for winter — something we’ve never done before. Or we may go out west again, or to Florida, who knows. The only given is that it will be somewhere that knows no snow.

See ya around!