Enterprise “C” has launched!

After starting out with a 21′ Rialta in 2002, we moved up to the 27′ Gulfstream BT Cruiser in 2006 which served beautifully until January this year (2013). Enter the 2013 Winnebago View 24J based on a Mercedes-powered Sprinter chassis. This efficient 24-foot diesel is 3 foot shorter and about a foot narrower but has a cab-over sleeping area that’s perfectly made to store paragliders, harnesses, empty suitcases, and other lightweight goodies. Its shorter size makes maneuvering easier and it’s just damned nice. For one thing, this is the first time I’ve ever owned one new. Kinda cool. Expensive, but if I don’t spend it the greedy uncle will get it and, to me, it’s a business tool for various FootFlyer productions.

2013 will see Tim & I take the new ride out west after summering in Chicagoland. Hopefully, we’ll get some local trips in then head towards Albuquerque, Phoenix, and finally San Diego by January 2014. We may leave it out in CA for the summer or possibly drive it back in the Spring of 2014. That’s a LOT of driving but, when spread out the way we do it’s not too bad.

Next Spring it will be fun to have it out west for Paratoys and the Flying Circus.

Cool Stuff

It has some great features starting with electric heat–basically the air conditioner in reverse. So now, when you’re suckling on shore power, there’s no need to burn through propane. As many know, I don’t do cold, ergo the motorhome on a continuing mission to never be winterized. Electric heat just adds to the awesomeness.

A 1000 watt inverter powers some interior plugs so, if there’s 12 volts DC, there’s 110 volts AC. That’s handy for computers and the many chargy things of our lives. I may change the wiring so that the outlet by the table is that way but, for now, a taped-down extension cord works fine.

Porcelain toilet. Really? That’s what I thought, but it turns out to be handy since it’s easier to keep clean. Just what you wanted to hear about, I’m sure.

As time continues, I’ll also report on the downsides although my first shakedown cruise in FL is going well so far.