Jeff Goin kiting on top of “Enterprise B”

Here be life. Experiences powerfully influence who we are and can make life so much richer. Sharing gives them another life maybe others will enjoy, but for sure, I will enjoy reliving periodically.

Several log’s encompass different aspects or phases of living, mostly of Jeff and Tim who have been making the best of life since 2003. An understatement is mentioning that aviation has played a pivotal role and provided soooo much richness. It’s not everything, of course, but boy is it a lot.

One area that’s not a log is critical thinking. Starting PPG (powered paragliding) focused my realization that knowledge comes in degrees of certainty, evidence comes in degrees of quality, and that our best answers come from embracing these facts of life. If I could leave a legacy it would be to encourage my fellow humans to seek out reliable knowledge. We can make still bad decisions but nowhere near as bad as when our knowledge foundation is week. So “Critical Thinking” is articles and musings on that topic, and the pursuit of reliable knowledge.

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