This is a compilation of the early reviews from when the video first came out. All the videos have been done to the same quality but we didn’t bother collecting comments from them.

From Paramotor Magazine:

Several years in the making, Jeff Goin’s latest DVD is the first in a series of four tuitional films aimed at pilots of paramotor and paraglider Wings.

Master Powered Paragliding DVD #1 kicks the series off by focusing on that common bugbear: ground handling. With a cast of colourful and talented pilots, the excellently narrated DVD breaks down handling your wing on the ground into 15 chapters that take you from inflation, through controlling a paraglider wing, to killing it safely.

With a whopping 101 minutes of audio­visual information, this DVD is now the definitive and most comprehensive film on mastering wing control on the ground. It leaves your head literally swamped with information and is so packed with knowledge that it would be almost impossible to Sit down and absorb it all in one go. Tackle it buffet-style, dipping in and out and wandering through the various chapters as and when you need them.

The film uses live action, animation and graphics to explain the basics, before moving on to the real fun stuff. The techniques go from wing layout, inflation and kiting to climbing up poles and walls! “For sure, some of what’s shown is just plain fun but every effort is made to explain what is being done and Why.” explains Jeff. One thing’s for Sure, youll be buzzing with all the tricks and tips youve picked up and desperate to get out there and practise them.

As you would expect from Jeff Goin, the author of the selling Powered Paragliding Bible, Master Powered Paragliding #1 is a powerful learning tool for paraglider pilots, either powered or unpowered.

Bob Drury, Review that appeared in  Paramotor Magazine, Dec 2011

Powered Sport Flying Radio Show with Roy Beisswenger

“We’ve all seen a number of instructional videos and, I have to say, that this is one of the very few that I’ve ever looked at that’s really good. It’s well done, it’s entertaining, its fast moving, and there’s humor. There’s so much detail that you can’t get it all in one viewing.”

“This is the best aviation training video I’ve seen” Listen to the Oct 12 show (12 minutes) at Powered Sport Flying Radio.”

Jeff in Salt Lake City

Finally was able to see your complete DVD. Master PPG – 1: Advanced Ground Handling. Excellent. You really packed a ton of info in there.

When I was flying the glider up-side down to empty sand, I had a tendency to slam it back down and scoop up new sand. The “walk toward the glider” instruction made me laugh. How could I have missed that.! I know how to walk toward it when leading edge up, but for some reason it never occurred to me to do the same when it was trailing edge up. Small pointer  huge help. : )

The DVD is full helpful techniques. Well done!

The pacing is fast. There are several clips that move so fast I needed to keep my finger close to the pause button.

Doing pretty well now on the climbing and flying backwards. Currently trying to learn the summersaults through the risers.

Brian in Florida:

The book and the DVD arrived today…and I have to commend you on your work.  The book looks very well done, thorough and it will answer most all of the questions I have. The DVD does a great job addressing many of the items I have and I agree that it needs to be watched several times.

John Black, USPPA Instructor, Panama City Beach, FL

Master Powered Paragliding 1: Advanced Ground Handling is a concise, thoughtful and well composed masterpiece of information for the developing ppg pilot. Ground handling skill is the foundation of any skilled pilot making this a must have video!

I am looking forward to the upcoming videos in this series.

Jorge, Paramotor Mexico

Just finished viewing Jeff’s “Mastering PPG 1” video, amazing stuff!

Great tips & hints on kiting & ground handling (so it’s wrong to be dragged along on your back?, he, he) The experts at their best, clear examples, just plain solid knowledge and simple explanations.

Thank you for putting it all together, I think every new pilot should seriously consider this as part of their basic training BEFORE even opening the wing!

Waiting for #2!     🙂

Richard Shelton, Australia

Wow – what a masterpiece!

Those were my thoughts when I watched your DVD which arrived the other day.
And boy oh boy – there’s a lot of ground handling techniques to learn.
I realize I have barely scratched the surface.

Martin, Germany:

I watched the first DVD! Gosh a heck of work you have accomplished there! Excellent and also (as usual) a fantastic pedagogical thread! Really cool!

James, USA:

Nice work ! I myself have worked with 3d programs, Truespace was one of them, its old now. But anyways..,thank you! for the work you put into doing these. It is a much needed package for those that are new to the sport and even for those who are experienced.

Looking forward to seeing all of them. Fly safe my friend

Luc in Quebec, Canada

Just few words to tell you that I received your last video, Advanced Ground Handling, two weeks ago. I have watched it many times so far, and I am learning something every time. It is really good.

I know that there is a huge amount of work to produce something with that high quality. Please keep working on the other 3 videos… we want to see them as soon as possible.

Phil Clark in Canada

Any praise I can offer is just a glorified “Ooh! Aah!” but I’d like to say something.

It’s humbling, if not down-right scary (at least in my opinion) to be reminded that there’s an almost infinite amount of pre-flight skills to be refined & possibly mastered. Then one must work on the next level, and the next, etc. It’s something like one of old Zeno’s paradoxes where a rabbit can never catch up with a turtle who’s been given a head start (the rabbit gets to the turtle’s starting point, but by then the turtle has moved forward, ad infinitum). With some basic ground-handling skills and varying degrees of luck, motors make flight possible. But I wonder what percentage of successful flights are equivalent to the ham-fisted mechanic’s mantra “Don’t force it! Use a bigger hammer!”

Aside from my admiration of your and all the other PPG pilot’s skills, I am truly in awe of what it requires to conceive, film, script, edit, etc. such a production (the same for all Phil’s works). I await the next three of the Master PPG series.

Lance Marczak, Chicago, USA

I give “Master PPG” Two thumbs up!

What an Amazing amount of information and illustrations. The video series is a valuable tool for anyone seeking knowledge 
and mastery. “Master PPG” will help pilots in that quest. Knowledge is priceless and one should never stop learning.

Michael Purdy, USPPA Instructor, San Diego, CA

You don’t know what you don’t know…

Thus was my reaction to Jeff Goin’s “Mastering Powered Paragliding 1”.

Up until now “kiting the wing” has been pretty much like learning a foreign language. It doesn’t happen overnight and it needs to be practiced regularly. Variations on the theme, much like linguistic dialects, tend to vary somewhat but share a common heritage.

But wait, there’s more! Jeff documents, and presents very clearly, a wide range of kiting tools that are nothing short of revolutionary. Every PPG pilot, be they new and inexperienced or seasoned veterans, will benefit significantly from this invaluable resource. Buy it now!

Carlos in Guatemala

You are my inspiration, I have now the Master PPG 1, please let me tell you this DVDs, its really the best I have seen, I hope by the other ones 3 of the series. I am starting now to fly the paramotor. I will buy the other Dvds.