Most pilots who put us in a bad light don’t want to. They may not even be aware of how they are being perceived. Simply talking with them will reveal if that’s the case. Don’t be intimidating or threatening, just let them know that what they’re doing could bring bad press or worse on themselves and the entire sport. If delivered tactfully, your message will probably be well received.  Try to include the pilot in groups that fly together and demonstrate responsible flying with regard to the public. But if and the pilot persists, and continues irresponsible behavior that attracts poor press, take the next steps.

Let the rogue pilot know that they’re actions threaten everybody’s freedom and it is not appreciated. Talk to those they respect and try to enlist their help.

Avoid contacting the FAA or local government agencies unless they are already involved or their involvement is imminent. It is best to handle our problems internally, to the extent possible, rather than increase the awareness of our bad apples. But once they’re involved, most certainly let them know that you’ve tried to do you part, that most of the pilots are trying to do the right thing and would rather work within the law.