These shops advertise inspection and repair for any model wing they can get lines and dimensions for. Generally, wing manuals with line lengths are available online. If your wing model is old enough, and they can’t find line lengths, they may not be able to do a critical part of the inspection.

Paraglider reserve repacking is sometimes offered with maneuvers clinics.

About Paraglider Repairs

Lots of shops do simple repairs, VERY few do major repairs that involve rib replacement and/or internal structure. The going rate for inspections is under $200 as of 2019.

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Cloud 9 Soaring Center Paraglider & Harness Inspection & Repair


Paraglider & Harness Inspection & Repair

Basic inspection $175,

Four Winds PPG, Avon Park Executive Airport
1535 State Hwy 64 West
Avon Park, Florida 33825

Last verified date of providing services: 2019-06-29

MojosGear Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair
Paramotor City Glider Shop Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair
Paratour Paraglider repairs and inspections related to repairs such as post incident. No longer doing regular inspections. Our specialty is complicated and/or large repairs.
Superfly Paragliding Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair, Reserve repacks Paraglider Wing Inspection & Repair