Most paramotors use a manual pull starter due to its simplicity and light weight. They’re slightly more reliable than an electric start because no battery is required but they’re far from perfect.


Possible solution or link.

Pull starter feels “locked up”

If you’ve determined the piston is not seized then this may be caused by a number of things, most likely the rope has left its track and got wound up.

Cord won’t retract.
  • The recoil spring is broken. Usually they break on the tab that holds the spring’s innermost part solid against the case. Even so, the cord may retract part way because of friction.
  • There is a blockage. Something is preventing the rope from going back in.
  • See Pull Starter Rebuild
I pull and the engine doesn’t engage.
  • Top 80: The starter pawl springs are all broken. These springs hold the pawls against the engine ratchet until the engine starts and runs more than about 1500 rpm. Then centripetal force pushes them away so they don’t rub.
  • Black Devil: The starter pawl spring(s) are broken or the starter has been assembled incorrectly.
Cord Broke
  • Replace with Paracord or similar. Should be thinner but stronger with minimal stretch. Paracord is available from Dicks Sporting Goods and probably other places, as well.