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This may help understand what led up to creation of the short-lived DMSV.

In 2008 Paramania wanted to get their gliders certified for sale in Germany. The main certification body said they must be certified as regular paragliders under DHV 1 which their gliders couldn’t pass, primarily because they wouldn’t always collapse using the test protocol. So a new organization was developed to test using different methods that seemed to make more sense for those wings. DMSV was born.

The flight testing was done with trimmers opened and closed, and included behavior in turns, pitch stability, 360 turns, spiraling, brake travel up to stall point, take-off and landing characteristics. 

In a forum post, it was touted that:

“With an objective team DMSV has listened to our opinions & technical advice in order to fulfil their main goal of getting reflex wings certified in Germany – which so far has simply not been possible due to the negative politics of the DULV.”

As best we can tell it looks like the DMSV never got enough traction to continue. At least we haven’t seen any gliders certified by them in several years (as of 2019) and their website is defunct. This could be brushed off as “my glider can’t get certified so I’ll make my own certification” but in this case it’s more nuanced. Namely because indeed early reflex gliders were very hard to collapse but if they did while accelerated it was a very sporty affair. Quite a few pilots recognized this but not enough to steer the small rudder of government-type organizations.

From an Online Forum

Paramania’s original aim was to educate the DULV and their test pilot Stephan Schuler on how reflex wings worked and how it would be possible to integrate a new method of testing into their system. Unfortunately, they ignored our technical advice and recommendations and so far no objective changes have been made. However after a progressive year the DMSV are now able to offer a more specified test exam and are able to certify reflex wings!Further text from that post:

So after several years of DULV obstruction German ppg pilots are finally able to fly the best paramotor wings! join FAI international competitions and pilots can now get insurance to fly our wings!

Powerglider wing loading

The advantage is that our powergliders have been certified with huge weight ranges and so can take heavier loads (for the likes of heavy weights and trikes etc.

When we designed the Revolution and Action GT our designer was thinking way ahead of time, knowing that the trend would be to load up the wings for a different type of flying type.

eg. The heavier wing loading > more dynamic > more speed etc…..

The lighter the wing loading > less dynamic > lighter handling etc…

For me this is great news after the number of people who responded to this petition…(dead link)

The PPG Community have needed a PPG test for years, and now at last it is here.

Well done to all involved!