These shops or individuals work on paramotors for pay. Some extremely helpful folks, like Lance Marczak, do it for the sheer pleasure of helping people, but they can only do so in their spare time when it’s convenient. If you know of a shop that works on paramotors, please send us their info.

Aviator PPG, Eric Farewell

Motors: Air Conception, Fly Products, Vittorazi, ask about others
Location: Lake Wales, FL, USA
Notes: Works primarily on motors they sell or have sold in the past as long as parts are available. Ask about others. As of 2019 A & P mechanic on staff.

Calvin Rhoads POCPPG

Motors: Any brands that parts are available for.
Contact:  361-746-0303 call or text.
Location: Port O’Connor Texas

Cloudbase PPG LLC, London Ivey

Motors: Cors-Air, Scorpion
Contact:, (813) 966-8320
Location: 8906 23rd St.Zephyrhills Florida 33540

Discover Powered Paragliding, Michael Mixer

Motors: Vittorazi, H.E, Polini, Bidalot 
Contact:, Phone: (217)779-6647
Location: Quincy, Illinois, USA

Gale Joy Tyler

Motors: Top 80, ask about others
Contact: 321-604-1608, or
Location: Melbourne, FL
Notes: Top 80 is my specialty, and I stock basic parts, but I work on others brands as well.

Green Machine Fabrication & Prototyping

Motors: All brands we can get parts for, as needed.
Contact: 541-419-1033
Location: 63003 Plateau Dr, Bend, OR 97701
Notes: We don’t stock a large selection of replacement parts, but we are knowledgeable in engine repair and tuning, as well as having a full machine shop to quickly fix broken components or fabricate small replacement parts (within reason).

Macky Cushing (Welding only)

Motors: Welding of exhausts and mild steel frames
Contact: Call or text (503) 891-6399
Location: Portland, Oregon
Notes: Ship to my house, you pay for the shipping back, My prices aren’t expensive.

Ryan Show, Paradrenalin USA LLC

Motors: Nirvana
Contact: or (602) 540-9929
Location: Phoenix, Arizona USA 


Southwest Airsports, Had Robinson

Motors: Top 80, ask about others
Location: 2105 Airport Road, Santa Teresa, New Mexico 88008, U.S.A.
Notes: Training is our priority, motor service may take a month during busy training times.