N33°22’51” W111°33’5″

Location: 20 Miles east of Phoenix, just south of US 60 on the west side of Idaho Rd.

Basic Description: Flat, very dusty with low vegetation and a few open areas. Dust is like talcum powder. It’s bordered by a large highway and populace to the north with wide open areas in most other directions.

Weather: Low desert, dry and hot in summer, perfect in winter.

Comments: The Superstition Mountains rise starkly in the east. They make a nice cross-country destination.

Landowner: State of Arizona

Permission: No official permission. The area is not closely monitored.

Sensitive Areas: Highway noise helps in this regard but don’t fly low over or near the golf course just east of hear.

Airspace Concerns: You launch in G airspace and can climb up to the 8000′ MSL floor of PHX B airspace. You climb into E airspace at 700′ AGL.

Don’t go more than a mile or so southwest and stay above 2000′ AGL in the Superstition mountains to the east.