Powered Paragliding Bible 6: The Ultimate Paramotor Manual and Reference

Edition 6 is coming out in August 2020. We ran a photo contest and got some great submissions, but wanted to have another craft, especially with wheels, on the cover this time.

Marty Hathaway was kind enough to follow me close enough to make it work on a jaunt over Central Florida. Jeff Hamann has graced the cover for the last two editions and his contribution is appreciated. He’s still on the inside in many places. We’ve left the details below but the chosen cover is above.

Tim & I went out to capture potential cover photos but mostly to test the new camera rig. We got some great stuff but there are issues. One important lesson was seeing the best place for ME to be.

Things We Wanted

Since this book strives to be the A to Z of paramotoring, we have some goals for the image, but nothing is fixed. It could be a cartoon. If you have something different that drips extraordinary juice, we can adjust the layout. Only Title art will likely remain unchanged. We could even consider not having a border.

But PROBABLY the image will have:

  • A closeup of the pilot, most likely from a selfie cam, with another pilot flying in close formation where you can also see the wing. Don’t do anything dangerous, though, and tight formation can be EXTREMELY dangerous!!! Only go this route if you both have planned it out and have done it many times before. The risk is way more than appearances would suggest.
  • Consider having a wheeled craft as one of the images, preferably the OTHER pilot.
  • It’s nice to see your face so it may help to be looking in a way that we can see it, even if it’s turned. In fact, looking towards the turn direction is good but so is looking at the camera. There’s no “perfect pose” and natural action is probably best. Our favorite shots, though, do show the pilot’s face, at least partially.
  • Straight and level is fine but consider changing it up with some bank. It doesn’t take a lot. Cool scenery is good because it shows how we can get to amazing places. Since most people buy the book to start out, it wouldn’t be ideal to be doing acro for the cover.

Contest Rules

We’ll pay $200 to the winner or split it between two paraglider/paramotor charities that help disabled people gain flight. Your choice. But do ask that the submitter agrees to the following:

  1. The final photo must have a resolution of at least 2400  x 3000 pixels high, but you don’t need to submit them at that resolution.
  2. Submit thumbnails of pictures, up to 5, at a resolution of at least 800 pixels wide. We may put candidates on FootFlyer.com (but probably not).
  3. Grant us the right to use the picture in print, online, and video.
  4. You must be the photographer. If you put a camera on someone, have them launch, and set it to take pictures every second (GoPro Hero 7 does this), then you are the photographer. If you do that, though, we would like to have the pilot’s permission.
  5. Give us exclusive rights to use the high-resolution picture (above 800 pixels wide) for three years from the date of publication.
  6. You won’t do anything more dangerous than normal paramotor flying to get the picture!

Email your submissions to info@footflyer.com.

Thanks for participating!