Political, Financial & Miscellaneous: Another view of the people and happenings on Earth

We Americans are far from perfect. As individuals we have the same variety as people anywhere else on the globe. Some of us are incredibly arrogant and disrespectful while others would give you the shirt off their back. Like people everywhere, we do the best we can with what we’ve got. I’m certainly happy to have popped into being in this particular time and this particular place.

Few will argue that this planet isn’t perfect but it’s all we’ve got—we ought to make the best of it. I’ll admit to being an optimist, harboring the delusion that maybe we humans actually can survive our chaotic and murderous tendencies to live on and even thrive here.

If we can outlast the eventual crispy cataclysm of our sun’s demise, maybe we can learn from our mistakes and make the universe an even more interesting place.

These views come from my readings, observations, hopes and dreams for humanity. I’d rather like to think we can improve our lot with a bit of effort. In these pages you’ll probably notice an overriding theme, expressed by a favorite saying of mine: “the more you see the world in black and white, the less accurate is your picture.” That saying arose after hearing someone try to distill a complicated human interaction into black and white. What rubbish.

I’ve heard it said that humans are a virus on the planet and wonder what purpose we serve. I propose we don’t need to serve a purpose. Life is fun. It’s worth preserving for its own sake. So I say lets preserve it! We can have a bit more fun on the way.

Life is complicated. Wonderful, but complicated. Lets try to better understand and appreciate it.


Jeff Goin