Powered Paragliding Bible 6: The Ultimate Paramotor Manual and Reference

The eBook has arrived!

Download Powered Paragliding Bible 6: the Ultimate Paramotor Manual & Reference here.

It’s available as a PDF, viewable using the Flux Player Reader reader which can be downloaded onto Android and Apple phones/tablets, Windows PC’s, and iOS devices.

The book was built from the ground up to work as an eBook where you can click on cross references and go to that page. Or you can navigate by chapter and heading on the left side (or wherever the reader puts navigation). But it took a while to get everything working properly. 

That didn’t come easily because it had to be redone in a completely different layout program (kudos to Adobe’s InDesign). Plus, nearly all of the illustrations were rebuilt using either Photoshop or Illustrator so they could be incorporated at the maximum possible resolution and give us maximum control. Both the printed and electronic versions look much better as a result.

It is delivered through FlickRocket using their Flux Player. The process works like this:

  • Buy the book. Select “Shop” on our menu, then “Product Downloads.” That takes you to the FlickRocket sales page. Once you create an account and pay there, your purchase is recorded in their system.
  • Download the free Flux player on whatever device you want to read it on. Log into your account from the player and find your book. Download, then open it. The PDF reader opens the book.
  • Enjoy! And thanks for your support.

The one feature I miss about their PDF reader is that it has no back button. It’s awesome that you can now click on links to go to a particular page, but you have to remember what page you’re on, then scroll back to your previous page. At least so far. Thankfully, they are continually updating the app.