Powered Sport Flying magazine (link goes to continues to include USPPA’s content along with columns by Jeff Goin and Christopher Pine. Joining USPPA may be the same rate as subscribing to the magazine alone. Supporting the org supports efforts at improving paramotor training and representation in the U.S.

Cross Country Magazine is mostly about free flight paragliding but also includes motoring. Jeff Goin does a monthly column with periodic equipment reviews.

USHPA magazine is all about free flight paragliding and matters concerning the org. If you foot launch paramotor, consider soaring as an added bonus of that wing. Even if it’s called a paramotor wing it would work fine in free flight. Not necessarily well, but it will work. Staying up is merely a matter of finding air that’s going up faster than you’re going down. You may just need a bit liftier air than the next guy.

Free Online Aviation Sectional and Terminal Area Charts

Google “Free online sectional charts” for the latest list but here is a list of what I’ve found to be useful in the order of convenience. This is so useful because you can choose which chart you’re looking at. Other sites (like VFRmap) can omit airports that only show up on Terminal Area Charts which cover large cities. The primary advantage here is that zooming in will automatically open a Terminal Area Chart if one exists. — This site (as of 2019) has a cool feature for Google Earth. Install Google Earth on your computer if you don’t have it already. Go to the site, click on your country and it will download a kmz file. Click on the file and it should open Google Earth with 3 airspace depicted.

Parts, Materials

Web Address Highlights of it’s contents Wire ties that won’t harm your fuel line. Walbro Carburetors WB37c, WB32, Tillotson Carburetors, and much, much more
Simulator Hanging Parts Google “Swing Set Hardware” or “playground hardware” or “swing set end frame fitting” or “A-frame swing set end pieces” Available from big box hardware stores. Galvanized 2 3/8″ steel pipe is a highly standardized size for round pipe frames. The wooden versions use a 4×6 beam on top and 4×4 post wood for the legs so they would extremely heavy. That’s fine for permanent installations but less so for portable.
ENM Tachometers Small, low-cost recording tachometers (records operating time). Parts for the Miniplane and Top 80
Pat’s Small Engine Plus Walbro Carburetors
Fasteners – Snap Buttons

Snap buttons commonly used on paramotor tubing (Valco Cleve)

Fasteners – Snap Buttons

Snap buttons commonly used on paramotor tubing (McMaster) called “Quick Release Buttons for telescoping tubing”

Fasteners – Quick Release Pins

Quick Release Weld-in pull pins or “snap pins” or “pop pins”(McMaster)