Be forewarned, there is carnage. No blood, but some props do go back to the dust from whence they came.

Phoenix pilot Adam Bell does an admirable job capturing the highlights and a few lowlights during this 40 minute DVD.

Unfortunately, this is no longer available. The review is left for historical value.

A lot of launches and landings are shown with narrated commentary on the process. Other parts of the fly-in are captured including the spectacular bowling ball launcher firing at night. That’s one explosion not miss. One of those shots incorporated a concoction of avgas, diesel, auto fuel and probably some other flammable miscellany that made for a Hollywood level explosion. I watched it live and kept my distance. Even from a hundred yards back you could feel the heat.

Humorous telling of some scenes helps keep it from becoming just a bunch of flying. He even captured my flying of danger Dell’s trike with the snotrag (11 m ²) wing. Dell, who is the event’s comic relief, is shown flying in his usual way, aggressively.

Most of the footage comes from the ground but it includes the pilot’s perspective, too, as Adam takes his helmet cam aloft to show some of the scenery.

You’ll get a good feel for this laid-back event with Adam’s treatment of it and enjoy seeing what other pilots do at these things.

Adam was selling the DVD to help offset some of the costs to have it at such a nice facility. It was purchased from his now-defunct website