You wouldn’t think this could happen. During launch the pilot somehow got his calf muscle into the prop while making large strides. As of Sept, 2007, I know of two similar incidents. The only solution to this is make sure your machine doesn’t allow it. Is there enough clearance to the prop from the cage bottom?

Ideally this would be impossible but, until manufacturers improve protection, it’s up to the pilot. Make sure the frame is hiked up high and that there is protection from the prop.

If You must, hold the frame above the thrustline. Otherwise, a thrusting motor will want to come over the top of your hold point. Always be in a position, as this pilot is, to hold back the motor at power.

Always check the throttle at the carb before starting. If you ever see me skip this step, feel free to remind me how foolish that was.

Having a bar across the frame higher up would improve pilot protection by offering leverage as a hand hold and provide a place to brace against a thrusting motor. There is protection against the motor coming forward, though, as strong netting is used (hard to see in the picture) across that entire middle section.