Sun & Fun is over, and it was an eventful, fun time. This may be the first year I got a briefing early on in the process but didn’t fly at all. In fact the only time I flew during Sun and Fun was to do a demo at our house when a bunch of people came over. THAT was a hoot! Not that I did anything out of the ordinary but it happened to be perfect weather for a foot-draggy, wing tippy romp down our little slice of runway heaven.

Sun-N-Fun is an awesome event to attend but it’s extremely restrictive to fly. That’s a necessary evil of mixing with all manner of other traffic and lots of it. Plus there are obviously people everywhere.

The Paradigm team put on their show which many thousands enjoyed. Plus I’m told they did formation flight in the ultralight area on a few occasions. That’s cool. It’s what people want to see. More than anything they like watching us takeoff and land.