A day with a good motor instructor will be money well spent. The PPG bible devotes an entire chapter but here are some of the things you want to learn.

1. Learn about the extreme risk of getting injured by the prop. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

2. You must not lean forward during launch. Free flight pilots are drilled to lean and run. A skilled transitioning pilot will figure this out quickly: you must stand up straight to let the motor push you. I’ve seen my share of free flight pilots who ignore this advice and end up falling face first when they start to power up while leaned forward.

3. Be light on the brakes while climbing. For one you are closer to parachutal stall or spin which is more likely with a motor.

4. Learn about torque. Avoid turns against the motor’s natural torque turn direction. If the motor tends to turn right, let it. Plan your launches accordingly. A common crash happens when pilots try turning away from the motor’s natural tendency. The pull brake, not enough happens and they pull more brake then, before they know what’s happening, the wing has spun.