Roman Statue Texting by Micah Escobedo

Look at her. They say Romans were ahead of their time. I guess so.

OK, I wasn’t actually in rome. As of 2019 I’ve never been. but when a friend, Micah Escobedo, posted this picture on his social media and I couldn’t resist.

Given how much we hear about Roman technology this seemed like a fit. Maybe they secretly had alien cell phones concealed as religious ornaments (what she was probably holding before she fell to photoshop). Yeah, no. See Critical thinking.

Unfortunately, it’s lost on me what the original statue is called and a search of “Statues in Rome museums” doesn’t seem to resurrect her visage. Of course it’s entirely possible I’m missing some important detail like “well, that wasn’t in Rome.” Memory is malleable. That’s a fascinating subject on its own.