An adventure. A beautifully rendered story that happens to involve powered paragliding.

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Why We Fly
75 Minutes
DVD NTSC Widescreen

You will be mesmerized. Your non-flying compatriots will finally get it. They will feel what motivates you. Why We Fly has become the best-selling PPG film ever produced�and for good reason. Hollywood insider Phil Russman does his best work creating a captivating story that will thrill even the non-flyers. Set to a rousing score, this video follows four pilots on an adventure book-ended by hurricanes.

There are some valuable instructional nuggets thrown in, too, for those who like to tackle strong winds. In the case of this adventure, there were a few times the pilots really needed to take on such blows.

A humorous mockery is made of the rift that sometimes splits free flight pilots and those who motor. It exposes the ridiculousness of such a dispute while showing the benefits of both flight forms.

More than any other PPG expose, you’ll want to watch it to the end. There are some funny bits at the end, too.

The story starts out with one traumatic misadventure that leaves a pilot alone at sunset and a long way from the boat. And to answer the question that will invariably come up�it was the decompression valve. You’ll understand after watching.