There I was, trying to update an article on airline pilots, FAA violations, and ultralight flying. Things were going swimmingly until suddenly, out of nowhere, it stopped letting me update. What? I don’t know where it went south, but at some point, after hitting save it (“Publish” button in WordPress) it gave me an error 403. Really, in the resources of a friggin’ mainframe computer and you can’t bother to tell me what’s REALLY bothering you? Uggh.

I could make new articles (posts). I could add to others. But not this one. It’s like the gremlins that run our internet don’t want these words to get out there. These words of advice to airline and other professional pilots. 

This computer is a tool. Having it do this nonsense is like a carpenter who can’t get his drill to work. HOURS get wasted working on the drill, meanwhile the cabinets don’t get built. And the drill still doesn’t work. That’s me. Right now, having a book to finish, wanting to better integrate the website and I’m having to deal with the tools instead of the project. 


Thanks to the great and wonderful Tim Kaiser, the problem is sorted out. Not fixed, mind you, because we don’t even know what happened or why it started working when he went to make edits.

Queertrons. That’s the only explanation.

Rant over, back to work.