Fuel line degradation causes lots of problems. Depending on what fuel and fuel line you use it can fail in unsavory ways after only a year. Some types commonly found on paramotors degrade internally releasing gunk into the fuel filter and carb. Namely the piece past the filter.

That gunk can foul up the carb’s internal filter and beyond. If you haven’t flown the motor in a year or so, this is one of the easiest ways to remove a common failure point. Change the fuel line. 

What to use?

Tygon seems to be the gold standard.

What about securing it?

A good solution is plyer-removable hose clamps. Search “fuel line spring clips”. One advantage is that they can be reused indefinitely.

If you like the convenience of wire ties (zip ties), don’t use the regular ones. The sharp bend where the tie slides into its retainer can cause a leak and the hard edges can cause a crack. Thankfully, some are made for fuel line. Search “fuel hose zip tie”. Of course, there are many other securing methods but these are easy to deal with.