Nearly all newer paragliders have nylon rods in their leading edges to improve inflation characteristics and hold shape better during low-pressure events (near collapses). Some have them in the trailing edge. Those rods don’t handle sharp bends so special folding methods have been devised.

This is more critical for high performance gliders where bends or wrinkles have more consequence and are more likely to make extensive use of shaping rods.

We had Matt Minyard, a Gin pilot, show us one way for the book but we also picked out some videos that were concise (short) while showing what was necessary.

Check to see if your glider’s maker has a video on their preferred method of folding. It’s mostly a matter of preference but the manufacturer may have a specific reason for folding it that way.

Search terms to use are: paraglider concertina fold, pro-pack, and accordion.

How to Pack Video

Skywalk recommendation

Another interesting twist on folding is “Paraglider Compression Folding” for when you need to travel. Do a search on that term and see some clever techniques. One thought: these people have clearly mastered their movements. Don’t expect your paraglider to come out that neat and tight the first few times you try.