Crossing borders has problems lately, too. Pilots traveling to Mexico have reported being turned around because their craft are not registered and, even when they showed registration documents, the border guard wouldn’t let them through. Consult with locals whenever possible before taking your gear across the Mexican border. I’ve not heard of any problems going to or from Canada.

Be careful about offering bribe’s, too, one pilot carefully offered to cover any “expenses” and was rebuffed. There are certainly those willing to accept bribes but it’s no longer as universal as it once was.

Suggestions for success include

  • Have the machine disassembled so it doesn’t look like an aircraft but never do anything that would appear “sneaky”. Do be honest if they ask. It’s “sporting equipment that lets you fly under a large kite.” A picture is helpful.
  • If possible, have the paramotor out of view but not in a way that appears hidden.
  • Like all human interactions, treat them with complete respect, be honest, forthright and friendly.
  • Register the craft with USUA and have the documentation with you.