Spark Plug Selection

Thanks Dave Moore and Brian Del Campo with this information.

The NGK BR9ES is the most common plug. Do not combine it with a resistor cap–the spark will be too weak.

Redrive & Bearings

Visit the Top 80 parts site listed above to find the appropriate bearing names. There are 4 bearings in two sizes. One of each size must be sealed since it is exposed to the outside.

See Rebuilding the Top 80 Redrive.


Top 80’s use the WG 8 Carb. It’s unique in that there is only one mixture screw which primarily controls the idle circuit. Since it does offer a way to compensate for altitude, you will not be able to lean it out when flying from higher elevations. However, having flown this motor from 7000 feet I can say that it isn’t a show stopper for lighter pilots. At the time, I weighed about 160 pounds and was flying a small Silex.

Ignition Coil

Top 80’s bury the coil deep in the guts. Here is how to change it out.