Temporary Flight Service Station (FSS) at OSH

Flight Service Stations (FSS) are funded for pilots by the FAA, might as well use ’em. Here is a quick guide. You do need to use the phone part of your device to call–you know, using the dialer and voice.

The number is 1-800-WX-BRIEF (U.S. only) or 800-992-7433.

Listen to the recording and select the appropriate menu options to get a human. This includes Temporary Flight Restrictions. Have a pen and paper handy; they talk pretty fast. It will go something like this:

Pilot (speaking clearly and concisely):

“Hi, I’m ultralight pilot Fred Flyer,” (Briefer write/types this down to record an activity).

“I’ll be flying from a field 8 miles northeast of Aurora Airport for a couple hours starting at about 7AM local and would like a standard briefing (what the FAA considers necessary).”
You can also ask for an abbreviated briefing which has only the main weather, but then also ask for any relevant Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR’s).


”How high will you be flying?” (Because you didn’t mention that)


”No more than 1000 ft AGL (above ground level).”


”OK, You’ve got high pressure over the area with a cold front… (gives an overview).”

”Currently Aurora is reporting sky clear, visibility 6 miles in haze, winds are 220 at 7 knots, altimeter setting is 29.92 and the temperature is 22 with a dew point of 14.” (temperatures are in Celsius).”

”The Aurora forecast calls for clear skies, winds light and variable until 1400Z then becoming 230 at 10.”


”What time is that local?” (If you don’t know, ask, but it’s better form to know the conversion before calling).


”That’s 8am local. Then after that, calm.”

”The winds aloft in your area, Joliet, should be 280 at 16, temperature +12 at 3000 feet.”

”There is a NOTAM for taxiway closures at Aurora (in following a standard format they have to include information that may not be of much use) and the VASI to runway 26 is out of service”


“OK, thank you very much; that will do it for me.”