07: Weather Basics

You don’t need to be a meteorologist to command a useful understanding of the weather. But a basic understanding is critical to you long term enjoyment, even survival, as a powered paraglider pilot. This Chapter covers how you can use information that’s readily available, including your basic observations, to determine whether flight will be fun or fearful.

Our craft is among the slowest and most susceptible to small changes in weather. Staying clear of fronts, large forecast wind shifts, convective activity, rotors, and thermals will spare much grief. This information is dedicated to that end.

Medications Approved for Paramotor

Flying ultralights is quite permissive in the U.S. There is no list of approved medications for ultralights (us paramotorists) and no medical certification is required, even for tandem training. FAR 103 doesn’t mention fitness for flight at all, expecting that...

Weather: Clouds 101

Thanks to John Blair, Dayton Powered Paragliding. It’s now super easy to get the local weather forecast using the web, 800-WX-BRIEF, TV, radio or even your VHF radio. Even so, at certain times of the year weather can change rapidly and you should continually...