I’m a huge fan of evidence-based understanding of reality. Evidence comes in levels of quality and knowledge in degrees of certainty. In science, we go where the evidence leads–a trait that has led to the most reliable knowledge in every endeavor. That means science knowledge changes as better evidence is presented. For example, we USED to think Scurvy came from unhappy spirits, then evidence showed that nope, it was simply a lack of vitamin C.

Scientific rigor requires controlling for things that are NOT what you’re trying to understand. Sadly, our appetite for understanding based on less rigorous knowledge has grown with use of social media.

But there still exists those who get it; who understand how knowledge works, and one group of them put paraglider reserve deployment to the test. They acknowledge the limits of their research but showed how they came to their conclusions and it’s interesting. Better yet, they did video of each deployment.

Hopefully manufacturers see this, too.