For those who have aftermarket exhausts that vibrate and self destruct you will find this an early and easy fix before yours self destructs.

Take a TOP80 standard crankshaft seal (for this application) and install it over the stinger. Place the silencer firmly against the old seal and tighten in place with whatever your unit came with.  The seal is high temp and provides a great cushion and sealing material. 

This will keep the silencer firmly “cushioned” against the stinger. Please see the pictures at right.

This works for many units and can easily be adapted to other units after a flat washer is tack welded onto the stinger as a back support to the seal.

Think of using this instead of hose material that so many of today’s PPG units utilize.

Longevity Improvement

Some of Paralite Sky Cruiser Top 80 exhausts have been self destructing in the silencer area. The aluminum silencer is beating itself to pieces against the steel pipe and requires some cushioning (seal).  Hence, on many units this is the purpose for a rubber hose over the stinger to silencer area which also acts as seal.

Secondly, some of the silencers were assembled too long which caused internal rattling and shortened life. The reason for this is the baffle tube was cut too short and not firmly indexed to both end caps. To fix this you need to shorten the outer silencer outer tube or make a spacer to keep the baffle tube firmly seated. See below.