Rebuild/Repair Kits for the Walbro Carbs used on Paramotors

Walbro carburetors are used on more paramotor models than any other brand. Most have two needles for idle and high rpm and an idle stop adjustment although for smaller motors, the WG8 is prevalent. It only has a mixture adjustment for idle.

There could be differences from what your manual states since different motors may require different starting fuel mixtures. Always use your manual’s instructions over these.

Go here to see tuning instructions on Walbro carburetors.

Here are the carbs and carb kits common on paramotors. Kits do not include fulcrum, needle valves or springs which aren’t normally replaced during a rebuild.

Carb Motor Kit Numbers
WG-8 Top80 D12-WG Gasket Only. Repair K12-WG
WB-32 Solo 210 D11-WB Gasket only, Repair K11-WB

Spring 98-320 and other Walbro Parts

Available from,

WB-37c Black Devil 172 D10-WB Gasket only. Repair: K10-WB

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