After manual or automatic activation you must replace 3 parts, the bobbin, indicator tab and CO2 cartridge. The bobbin, which contains some type of paper, has a 3 year shelf life. You’re not allowed to carry CO2 cartridges on airliners so, if you travel, the Agama or parts must be shipped before heading out.

Resetting the Agama’s auto inflator is brilliantly simple. At first I thought it was going to be a pain so I took pictures of the disassembly. Then I realized they made it nearly pilot proof—the bobbin can only be inserted in one place and in one way.

Go here to see test of the Agama

How the Agama Auto-Inflation Works

There’s a spring-loaded plunger in the cap trying to press against a “firing” (puncture) pin that, when pushed, punctures the CO2 cartridge. The plunger is held back by arms in the bobbin. When the bobbin gets soaked, its paper dissolves, allowing the plunger past which presses against the firing pin which punctures the cartridge. Simple, ingenious.

The manual inflation lever is mechanically connected to the firing pin and provides an alternative way to move the firing pin. After automatic activation, the lever will be out.

The plunger has a green sleeve attached so that when the plunger plunges, it exposes the red spring. That makes it plainly obvious that the unit needs to be reset. A green indicator tab gets broken, too, further indicating that the unit is spent.

Replacing the Bobbin and resetting

You can see all you need from the Agama’s label but these pictures and description serve as a backup in case you lose those directions.

Start by removing the old CO2 cartridge. Close the lever. Do not reinstall the new cartridge yet to avoid accidentally puncturing it.

You’ll need 3 parts.

  • The new CO2 cartridge. It’s supposed to be a 50g cylinder but, when mine arrived from the Agama importer, it was 60g. So there must be some leeway, at least up to that amount.

  • Bobbin which contains the quick dissolving paper (or similar).

  • An Indicator Tab. The bobbin and tab came together in a package. This little green tab serves two purposes. It lets you know that the device is still ready to go, that it hasn’t been activated. Second, it reduces the likelihood of an accidental activation by resisting lever operation.

Unscrew the cap assembly and drop the old bobbin out of the body. Put the new bobbin in and screw the cap assembly back on. The bobbin will only go in one way. Make sure the lever is closed (flush with the body) and insert the indicator tab.

Lastly, look down the body to make sure the firing pin is not protruding. I can’t see how it would if the lever is flush and green tab installed. Screw in the new CO2 cartridge and you are ready to get saved.