Mx: Harness Setup

Harnesses may be the most durable part of our kit but failures do occur. They deserve careful inspection and care. Gas, insects, chemicals, UV, and sharp things are all mortal enemies. 

Be careful about paramotor storage. I moved one machine that was in a hangar only to have a snake come slithering out of an unzippered bottom pouch.

Seat Fix Sling

Hanging too low? Thanks to Jason Wright If your harness leaves you too low and your butt sinks too far back in the harness, there’s a simple cure. It only requires some seat belt material and . The sling is not structural so it’s failure would only be...

Harness Myths

I hear the darndest things sometimes. One frequent misconception regards paramotor harnesses. Over zealous sellers try to sucker people in to their gear using misinformation that requires a lack of understanding. If you ever “this is the only _____, and...