Master Powered Paragliding 2: Advanced Launching


Part 2 of 4 in the Master Powered Paragliding Series, where you’ll go way beyond the basics of launching a paramotor.

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DVD: NTSC Widescreen. 
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Lets face it, launching a paramotor, especially on foot, is difficult. Even if you succeed nearly every time, it’s still a challenging task. Experienced pilots may make it look easy but the reality is that every launch is barely successful. There are lots of finer points that can help with success.

Among the many topics covered are: launching in crosswinds, launching in strong winds, launching with low attachments, high attachments, on roads, in confined areas, launching into foot drags, recovering from crooked inflations and much more. Then there’s a thorough treatment of launching with wheels. From recovering wing gyrations to reverse launching. Learn to taxi/takeoff in a crosswind or to taxi in a 360. This is, after all, advanced techniques.

See the Trailer

Series Trailer

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