Here are some paramotor/ultralight apps and websites for weather, flight briefing, NOTAMS, flight planning, and inflight use.


In the U.S. you can use your phone (requires dialing, remember?) to call Flight Service (800-WxBrief, 800-992-7433). Instructions to help with that call are here. This does have the benefit of putting you on record as attempting to become aware of any flight restrictions and my prevent bumbling into some piece of prohibited airspace.

Avare shows your location and weather on a sectional chart.

Charting, NOTAMS, Briefing

  • 800WxBRIEF (Flight Service Station or FSS) Government-sponsored website for official briefings including NOTAMS. Go here to see an example of how that works.
  • Avare App for Android This free Android app works well for charting and inflight navigation although it’s geared towards planes. It’s a full electronic flight bag but works fine for ultralights. The best part is that you don’t need to be online to use its charts although you want to download everything while on good wifi. It takes a good chunk of space.
  • PPG Finder (may not be supported anymore) besides the usual navigation functions, this attempts to show nearby fliers who are also be running the program.
  • website for charts and flight planning, checking for TFR’s, and aviation weather. All the usual chart types are included. If you’re in a metro area there may be a Terminal Area Chart (TAC) that shows more detail.
  • (go to maps) for Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR’s)


PPGps App shows flight path data and estimated winds aloft

  • Avare App for Android This is a free, full inflight planning app with charts and an aviation database. The best part is that you don’t need to be online to use its charts. It takes a good chunk of space. As of 2020, it’s only on Android.
  • FlySkyHy app for Apple. This is targeted to paraglider and other soaring pilots but is still pretty useful for paramotor.
  • PPGpS for Android and PPGpS for Apple. Besides general navigation, it also estimates actual winds aloft based on a cool algorithm that works pretty well. It was originally built on an Android platform for several years so the Apple version may need some tweaking.
  • xcSoar app for Android, Apple, and even Windows. It’s primarily made for soaring but also shows airspace. And it’s open source in case you want do programming. May the force be with you.


  • PPG Simulator Search this term and you’ll find some hits. I’ve tried a few but they may no longer be present.