13: Flying Cross Country

Going places is fun, especially in a powered paraglider. You don’t need any special tools beyond a bit better understanding of sectional charts and weather. The big difference is that, once you’ve left your home area, you’re faced with the need to get back.

The best thing to remember is that we can land about anywhere. Many a nasty experience or worse has been avoided when the wise pilot landed before some impending weather overcame him.

Flying Alone

It seems innocuous. We find a nice flying site, maybe not easily visible from the road, and launch into the coolness. This is one of powered paragliding’s great draws–how easily we can just head off from the most unlikely of sites and be independent. But...

Powered Paragliding Navigation Tools

These tools are for someone who likes to go old-school just for the fun of it. They were shown in chapter 13 for cross country flying. WindVectorBlank PDF File, 4 Mb 2 pages. One blank Circular graph for calculating ground speed based on forecast winds aloft with...