06: Adding Wheels

“Eventually, we’ll all be on wheels.”

That may be true but I’ve seen some 70+ year old foot launchers making it look easy. One prolific Instructor, Don Jordan continues to fly and teach foot launch at 71 years old (as of 2007).

Many pilots choose to roll instead of run for its own sake. It’s fun. There are distinct advantages, too. For flying at high elevations or doing tandem instruction it’s dramatically easier than foot launching, allows pilots to carry more, is easier on the legs and back (with proper suspension/protection) and is less dependent on perfect winds.

Most powered paragliders can be quickly mounted/dismounted to a wheeled cart, giving the pilot a choice.

See also Tandems on Wheels as it relates to adding wheels for tandems.

A powered paraglider trike (or quad) is, by definition, a foot launchable unit with wheels added. What separates wheeled powered paragliders from powered parachutes is the wing. Paragliders are efficient which is why we can use small enough motors to foot launch—but they require more pilot expertise. Powered parachutes are easier to learn but require gobs more power to plow their inefficient square canopies skyward. Elliptical powered parachutes wings close the gap with heavier PPG trikes. One trike, developed by Chad Bastian, has foot steering hookups intended to be connected in flight. That’s how powered parachutes are almost always flown—with your feet.

The Perfect Tandem Trike

After getting my tandem wheel launch rating in Feb, 2019, I’m looking for a rig. My primary goal is introducing prospective pilots to paramotoring, or to show interested pilots the finer points of control–both how much is there and then how to use it....

Timber Trike

When a non-flying mishap put Brandon Oberlin’s feet out of commission, he needed temporary wheels but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. He didn’t. He also didn’t want to take the wheels with him so he would only use the wheels for launch....

Separation Anxiety: Detachable Cart

Wheels are great for conquering the still-air launch blues, but what about once you’re airborne? They don’t do much good there and, for some, get in the way. So Jack Woods decided to do something about it. We don’t have the details but it’s...

A Better Cart

Updated 2013-May-4 Suggestions Powered Paraglider Trike/Quad (Cart) | See A Better Paramotor After watching wheels take off, literally and figuratively, I’ve noticed some areas of strength and weakness with some potential for improvement. None of this is new,...

PPG Variety On Wheels

Airgate trike made to accept their articulating hybrid hangpoint paramotor. Scarab PPG Wheeled Craft from Russia Chad Bastian inflating on a trike at the Salton Sea What flavors we have to choose from! I’ve flown most types of wheeled craft but not this one,...